I. Background

  • The department originated from the English minor in the Department of Languages and Literature 
     Education at NUTN. It was established in 2006 and admits 43 students every year. 
     The night school division started in 2009.


Ⅱ. Educational Objectives

 1. To meet the demand of English ability stemming from globalization and internationalization.

2. To increase the channels for English professionals to acquire further education and conduct research.

3. To aid teachers and students in passing the General English Proficiency Tests or related English 
     proficiency tests.

4. To promote academic exchange and people-to-people relations. 

5. To satisfy regional supply and demand of English teacher development.

6. To raise students’ absorption and application of English academic materials.

Ⅲ. Curriculum Design

The department's curriculum consists of required courses and electives within two 

  1. Literature and Linguistics
  2. Applied Foreign Language

Ⅳ. Faculty

  • There are seven full-time teachers in the department, including 3 professors, 2 associate professors and 2 assistant professors.

Ⅴ. Features and Vision 

  • Special Features of the Department
    1. To be devoted to English academic study and integrating English academic theory with practice.
    2. To cultivate English teachers for junior high schools and elementary schools.
    3. To expand curriculum design, teaching facilities, and to cultivate English teachers for pre-school 
       education according to the supply and demand of the English teaching profession.
    4. To cultivate English talents for publicly-owned or privately-owned enterprises, and support the 
       demand for English professional talents resulting from globalization and internationalization.
    5. To help to raise the English learning environment inside the country and the citizens’ basic English communicative ability. To promote international cultural exchange, and raise our country’s 
       international image and position. 

  • The Vision of the Department
    1. To further promote students’ global perspective and cultural interactions through exchange students program.
    2. To cultivate students’ English ability for the job market.
    3. To provide the chance for continuing English education for the public.
    4. To establish an English graduate school.

Ⅵ. Student Career Opportunities

  • After graduation from the Department, students can pursue higher education, either in Taiwan or abroad, in the fields of English teaching, Chinese teaching, English 
     literature, comparative literature, linguistics, business management, translation and international 
     business, etc.
  • Our graduates can find promising positions in the job market as English education 
     professionals, overseas Chinese teachers, translators or interpreters, tour guides, staff in journalism 
     and cultural businesses, representatives of international enterprises, as well as qualified professionals 
     in many other areas of business sector.