Name Shou-Nan Hsu In Charge of
Job Title Professor(Chairperson)

1. Planning the development of department and managing the administractive business.

2. Calling and Hosting conference. 

3. Carrying out projects decided in conference.

4. Conveying orders, policy decision and rules, and assisting the development of department. 

5. Others projects ordered at the instant. 

6. Organizing courses, arranging faculty, dealing with the courses business.

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Name Sing-Ling Chu In Charge of
Job Title Contract Employee

1. Dealing with official document, conference informing, setting and recording conference contents. 

2. Arranging interviews, recruitment, and students enrollment. 

3. Arranging expenditure of administration and activities.

4. Calling speech, seminar, competition. 

5. Arranging department facilities and property.  

6. Arranging students consultation with department busniess. 

7. Arranging educational facilities purchasing. 

8. Arranging department evaluation. 

9. Others projects ordered at the instant.

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