3 Full-Time English Teacher Wanted


Department of Foreign Languages & Literature National Sun Yat-sen University

Date of Employment

Starting from August 1st, 2021


QualificationsTHREE tenure-track positions are open to applicants who hold a PhD degree in any of the fields below: 

Category I

1.Rhetoric and composition

2.Creative writing

3.Composition studies, writing studies, focusing on English as L2 (second language)

Category 2

1.Digital humanities

2.Computational linguistics

(The disciplinary orientation of the position is open.)

Category 3

1.Western literature before 1800 (preferably English or European, including the literature and mythology of classical antiquity and the ability to teach literary theory from the classical period to 1800)

2.Western drama (a focus on pre-1800 drama would be an advantage)

Required Documents

a) Application form (available from the department’s website at )

b) Cover letter and a PhD dissertation

c) CV, including a list of published works

d) Photocopy of PhD diploma (or MOE teaching certificate)

e) Verification of current employment

f) At least one letter of recommendation

g) Offprints/samples of at least two recent publications within five years

h) Descriptions of at least two courses the applicant has taught or proposes to teach

i) Photocopy of ID/Passport or ARC

j) A five-to-ten-minute video file of a teaching demonstration (please supply the link to the video file)

k) Other relevant supporting materials

Please note that a hard copy of the required documents must be sent to the address below. Application dossiers will not be returned to the sender.

Application Deadline

December 18, 2020

Mailing Address

Maggie Chen

Department of Foreign Languages & Literature

National Sun Yat-sen University

70 Lien-Hai Road, Kaohsiung 804, Taiwan


Maggie Chen

TEL: 886-7-5252000 ext: 3132




陳美菁Maggie Chen



EA, Department of Foreign Languages & Literature

National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan

TEL: 886+7-5252000 ext. 3132